Cozmic Pizza – Pizzeria and music venue

The Entertainment at Cozmic Pizza

There was always something amazing going on at Cozmic Pizza and it wasn’t just the menu, there was also amazing entertainment. Youngsters were nearly always welcome, so it was a great family friendly venue. The exceptions were some of the livelier acts, perhaps those with some explicit lyrics, and then it was always clearly stated that the event was an adult only affair for that night. Let’s take a look at just a handful of the events you could have attended at Cozmic Pizza…

The Curious Comedy Tour
You were certainly in for a laugh with The Curious Comedy Tour. This travelling family put on a fabulous variety show that was thrilling and hilarious for all the family. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, they featured Louie Foxx, comedy magician and Matt Baker, comedy juggler. These two acts were thought of as two of the premier acts of the entire West Coast.

Queen of the Sun – A film
Cozmic Pizza were always keen to raise awareness of environmental issues, and they often did this with a film showing. Queen of the Sun follows the story of bees and the crisis they face due to colony collapse disorder. This heartfelt and dramatic story gave the viewers an insight into the life of bees and the thoughts on the issue from scientists, bee keepers and philosophers.

Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen
From the alternative to the traditional, Cozmic Pizza was always lively. Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen play both traditional songs and their own creations, and they’ve been playing together for decades. With rich harmonies, and the beautiful tones of the guitar, concertina and banjo, their acts were always a great treat.

Fafi AKA 3Percent
A lively night was always guaranteed when Fafi played! A unique sound that was a mixture of a wide range of styles. Reminiscent of traditional African music, with a little reggae, a touch of hip-hop and some dancehall beats to boot, Fafi’s great beats would get everyone up and dancing within minutes.

Cozmic Carnival
The younger generation was never forgotten at Cozmic Pizza, and the Cozmic Carnival was a regular event that was especially for the little ones in the family, although the adults had a pretty great time too! An afternoon of fun and games aimed at kids, but everyone could join in so it was a perfect place to take the family.