Cozmic Pizza – Pizzeria and music venue

The drinks menu at Cozmic Pizza

Cozmic Pizza was so many things to so many people. Whatever type of night out you wanted, you could find it at Cozmic Pizza. If you wanted a romantic meal for two, then you could enjoy a lovely meal with a nice glass of wine. It was a great place for a family meal out too. With the Create Your Own pizzas and lots of choice for vegans and vegetarians, even the fussiest of eaters could find something they would love to eat at Cozmic Pizza. If you wanted a wild night out, then it was always a good idea to keep an eye on the calendar of events. Nearly every week there’d be something lively coming up that would have you tapping your feet while you eat, then up and dancing afterwards.

At Cozmic Pizza, people tended to linger well into the night. You just never wanted to leave. Many people ate, then stayed to enjoy the show for many hours. Other people just visited to see a band or singer that they admired, and so they’d simply have a few drinks. So it was important to have some great beverages on offer and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Alcohol beverages at Cozmic Pizza
All the beer and wine served at Cozmic Pizza was made locally. The wine from local vineyards, and the beer from local microbreweries. There were always some gorgeous micro beers available on draft, and these changed regularly so you’d get to try something new every time you visited Cozmic Pizza. The wine was always a treat too, whether you wanted just a glass, or you wished to indulge in a bottle to savour throughout your evening. They offered two great wines from Fractal Cellars. A fruit Pinot Gris with a crisp acidity and a rich Pinot Noir full of berry flavors and earthy spices, it also had a delicious hint of dark chocolate. From Eugene Wine Cellars you could try a wondrous red, Viva Vino Cabernet Sauvignon.

Non-alcohol beverages at Cozmic Pizza
If you didn’t drink alcohol, or you were driving, you also had some super choice available to you. Their organic strawberry lemonade was a hit with kids and adults alike. You could also try the unique organic agave soda, or have a glass of refreshing organic iced tea.