Cozmic Pizza – Pizzeria and music venue

About the Cozmic Pizza Website

A fitting tribute
This is no longer the official website of Cozmic Pizza. Cozmic Pizza has now closed down, and it’s a real shame. They really had the mix just right and their hearts were certainly in the right place. Their pizzas and salads won various awards and all their ingredients were organic. The meat was locally raised and they made every effort to ensure that their impact on the environment was kept to the absolute minimum. They made sure that all their packaging was recycled and recyclable and they even had wind solar powered electric delivery vehicles. Cozmic Pizza raised huge sums of money for charities and non-profit organisations over the years they were in business and they were also totally inclusive with their menu, offering vegan, vegetarian and wheat free pizzas.

The perfect venue for a night out
When you visited Cozmic Pizza, you didn’t have to choose between a night out with a great meal, or a night out with awesome entertainment. At Cozmic Pizza, you got both. There was something brilliant on nearly every night. Whether you were into Jazz music, you loved movies or you wanted to see an award winning singer, you’d find it all at Cozmic Pizza.

A place to remember
So many great places like this disappear eventually, all references to them fade from the Internet, and all that is left are the memories, and a few conversations between the people that loved these places. Everyone has their own special place they remember, and so it’s nice to set up a site so these great establishments won’t ever be forgotten. A place to bring back memories and relive those times you enjoyed there.

Thanks Cozmic Pizza!
So, let us say thank you to Cozmic Pizza! Thank you for those amazing pizzas that were certainly a cut above the rest. For those nights when you just went out for a meal and ended up dancing to a great live band. Thanks for taking the time to look after your customers, giving them exactly what they wanted and all at a very good price.